Southerners often say, development is “Slow as Molasses” around here! Or is it?

Photo Credit: Crazy Love Coffee Shop

Photo Credit: Crazy Love Coffee Shop

The steps that redevelopment goes through…

Does it seem like development just isn’t happening fast enough around Roswell? You see new development pops up in our surrounding cities and ours seem to be “slow as molasses”!  There are few things that come to mind that may help ease your frustration.  Read More

Southern Skillet Redevelopment moves forward in the review process

The design for the redevelopment of the Southern Skillet by SJ Collins, goes before the Historic Preservation Commission tomorrow morning for review. This is a regularly scheduled work session and begins bright and early at 8:30 am in Room 220 at City Hall and is open to the public.

Double take! What’s that BIG yellow sign mean?

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Rezoning and Conditional Land Use Application Steps

Have you ever drove past and did a double take to see those BIG yellow signs that mention new development? Curious as to what it means?  What is the project? Has the project been approved or is the process just starting? How will it affect Roswell and my own property? Many questions arise.  Lets first get a better understanding of the “projects” and the steps in which they go through.

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What The Roswell Library’s Renovation Means To This City

What The Roswell Library’s Renovation Means To This City

As a part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, the Roswell Library on Norcross Street closed recently to undergo renovations to modernize the facility while improving its functionality and appeal to Roswell’s citizens and a new generation. These renovations are a part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System’s plan to refurbish 23 of its branches.

Southern Skillet Redevelopment Update: Proposal Review

The DDA met Wednesday in Executive Session to review and discuss the proposals submitted as part of the RFP process for the Southern Skillet redevelopment site.

This meeting is being held in a closure or executive session because the financial offers are being discussed with regards to matters associated with the acquisition or disposition of real estate..

How Property Developers Respond To An RFP

How Property Developers Respond To An RFP

The Roswell Downtown Development Authority (DDA) released a second request for proposal (RFP) for the Southern Skillet Site on Oct. 31, 2018, as previously reported. We thought it might be interesting to share what might be going on in the offices of the developers preparing to submit a proposal this week.

Finding The Perfect Fit, Skillet Redevelopment Takes Another Turn At The RFP Process

Finding The Perfect Fit, Skillet Redevelopment Takes Another Turn At The RFP Process

The Roswell Downtown Development Authority launched a second Southern Skillet Site Redevelopment Request For Proposal (RFP) on Wednesday, Oct. 31. The new RFP invites potential developers to submit offers and design concepts for consideration of the historic area.

Roswell Downtown Development Authority Concludes Southern Skillet Redevelopment Procurement Process

The Roswell DDA, Committed To Only The Best For Roswell

The Roswell Downtown Development Authority (RDDA) voted today to conclude the procurement process to identify and secure a developer for the 4.2-acre Southern Skillet Site. The process was concluded without securing a contract for the redevelopment of the site with the Beecham/Ardent team, which was selected as the team to proceed with in April 2017.

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A quick status update on the Skillet Redevelopment site

There are few things that move slower than a complicated, infill, redevelopment, so we wanted to update you on where we are.  

The DDA is nearing the end of the RFP process to create an offer to purchase the Roswell Plaza property.  After nearly a year of pursuing the termination, Family Dollar finally agreed to terms.  That lease termination agreement was executed by City Council on June 6, 2018.  It will now allow an offer to be specific as to the timing of a closing.

During the time the Family Dollar lease settlement was being pursued, Beecham/Ardent planned a multitude of options to deliver on the plan submitted in their proposal.  Conditions to execute that plan included expanding to properties adjacent to Roswell Plaza to create a larger coordinated master plan.  Three other property owners were engaged in many discussions and negotiations.  This pursuit was complex given each owner having their own conditions related to price, timing and use.  Further, the planning phase explored multiple mixed-use scenarios that included grocery, retail, office, a food hall, townhomes and multi-family.  Parking deck designs were explored within the Roswell Plaza boundary as well as on the adjacent property.  As the agreement with Family Dollar was being negotiated for lease termination, more than 35 concepts plan were produced by Beecham/Ardent as they evaluated them for financial and market viability.

Beecham/Ardent has informed us that they are prepared to submit their offer to the DDA. We will be sharing this offer with City Council and discussing next steps.  

First phase of Boutique Hotel to be presented to Historic Preservation Commission

The first phase of the Boutique Hotel development is set to be presented to the Historic Preservation Commission at their first meeting of 2018 on January 10th at 6 pm.  Meetings are held in the council chambers.

Here are some of the images to be presented at that meeting.

Roswell Residents Meet $10,000 Challenge to Keep Sentience


Roswell Arts Fund is pleased to announce the purchase of its first sculpture from the 2017 ArtAround Roswell sculpture tour. Sentience by Atlanta-based artist David Landis will remain a permanent work-of-art in the Heart of Roswell Park on Canton Street. 

This purchase was made possible by a challenge grant created by the Roswell Downtown Development Authority (Roswell DDA) and the success of Roswell Arts Fund’s Keep the Art!

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Hotel Work Session with the Historic Preservation Commission

The proposed boutique hotel for downtown Roswell is about to begin the application process for Phase 1 by meeting with the HPC in a work session.   The development team will present initial concepts and get feedback from the members of the Commission. There are no approvals or decisions in this meeting as it is for discussion only.  

The meeting will be held February 13 at 1:00 pm at City Hall.  

Meeting with HPC to discuss and garner input for the Southern Skillet project scheduled

We have scheduled a joint meeting with the Historic Preservation Commission to discuss the design direction that will be shared with potential development teams in the way of "intent statements".  These will be included in the RFQ for the redevelopment of the Southern Skillet site. 

The meeting is at 1:00 pm in Room 220 at City Hall.  

Please join us if you can!

The RFQ/RFP Process

As we are walking through the RFQ/RFP process - we will be posting information here from time to time to keep everyone informed.   The next step for us is to meet with the Historic Preservation Commission to gather their input on our "Intent Statements" or the criteria that instructs the teams responding to the RFQ/RFP as to our priorities and vision for the property.  This meeting was originally scheduled for this week but, due to some scheduling conflicts, will be rescheduled for early October.  

If you attended the City Council meeting last week - you heard mentioned a letter written to the Mayor and City Council from the DDA.  Here is that letter.  This was written to address the concerns that some members of the Council were having as to when there would be opportunity for input.  We are, and have been, actively engaged in listening to and gathering the opinions of residents and members of the City Council.  In addition, we have met with members of the City Staff to understand the technical and regulatory constraints that exist for this site as well.  


Town Hall 2 - What you missed!

The DDA hosted the second Town Hall on Tuesday, September 6th.  The purpose of the meeting was to share the public input we have received so far from our fellow citizens.  Over 80 people have stopped and put their ideas down - using the survey form on this blog - of what they would like to see on the Southern Skillet site.  Using a "word cloud" we shared how the ideas stacked up - the larger the word, the more often it was repeated.  Overwhelmingly, the idea of a grocery or market was the most popular!

Krog Street and Ponce City Market were the places that were most mentioned as the "type" of place people wanted to see.  The Southern Skillet Site is smaller than either of these projects and we don't have an existing structure to work from - so we asked people what it was that they liked most about these places.  What features about these locations would you like to see included in the redevelopment in Roswell?

  • A place to go to, a destination.
  • A place that captures the feeling of the area
  • A place that would cause similar development style nearby
  • A place that had a bakery, restaurants and a grocery or a co-op market.
  • Materials that were durable, timeless.

Form and Design are Important.

The design needs to be unique to Roswell. Different.

The idea was presented that the City might want to consider how they could invest in this project as well - perhaps for a performing arts venue or other use that serves the public directly.  

See the presentation below - the beginnings or working versions of the "Intent Statements" that will be included in the initial Request for Qualifications are included.  This is the document that will be shared with interested and targeted development teams to convey the vision Roswell has for this site.  We want it to be catalytic and to present the best Roswell can be, while weaving itself comfortably into the fabric of our Downtown.  


We also talked about how the streetscape could begin to change the comfort level and ease in crossing Highway 9.  This project will be an important piece in that solution.