Financial Planning

Wanting to develop something new but feel like it’s a “Pie in the Sky” idea? Maybe not.

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There are funds available to help get your head out of the clouds…

Have you driven by that empty shopping strip imagining what would be great there? Have you fantasized about the potential of that old warehouse being a cool art rental studio? Dreamed of opening a unique restaurant in that historical mill home? Well, your head isn’t in the clouds and the idea isn’t “pie in the sky” either. Wondered what it would be like if you had funds to start a business? Come down to earth and hear this…There are two sources of funding that most haven’t heard about.

  • Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund (DDRLF)
    managed by Georgia Department of Community Affairs

  • Georgia Cities Foundation Revolving Loan Fund (GCFRLF)
    managed by the Georgia Cities Foundation

Eligible projects must fall within the city designated Downtown Development Authority Area. GOOD NEWS…Roswell happens to have one of the largest DDA areas in the state (See DDA Boundary Map). The two programs vary in rates, terms, and slightly in application process and can be applied for to be used individually or together.  Here is a condensed review to see if your “pie in the sky” qualifies.


Both funds provide capital in the form of a loan that takes a second position to Small Business Administration or construction loan. GOOD NEWS…The Roswell DDA can help you get a slice of these funds!

  1. The application process for both opportunities is very similar and begins with creating a scope of work document that includes project costs and a project timeline. This document needs to be detailed and itemized but not necessarily exact.

  2. Next, the DDA reviews the Scope of Work document and certifies eligibility based on location and other development criteria and goals as outlined by the DDA and City.

  3. If the certification is issued by the DDA then the DDA facilitates an introduction to the CSRs with the different Funds and undergoes a more detailed evaluation – typically taking around 30 days. It is important to note that the DDA certifies eligibility but does not determine if funds will be issued by the Revolving Loan Funds – these are independent evaluations.

Clearly, we too see the treasure in those old crumbly homes rehabilitated into…an office space or retail store, the potential in the empty warehouse as a…brewery or art studios and the opportunities in the tired shopping strip as a… mixed-use redevelopment. Perhaps these funds can make your idea a reality. When it is all done. Let’s then enjoy the pie “on the table” at the amazing The Pie Hole! (BTW, The Pie Hole building was once part of the Roswell Mill factory where a modern idea helped transform it into a new purpose.)


Michael Curling - DDA Board Director and liaison for financial investments
Elizabeth Hamilton - H2Oh Marketing, DDA Board Support