Finding The Perfect Fit, Skillet Redevelopment Takes Another Turn At The RFP Process

Roswell’s DDA Launches Second RFP, Maintaining Roswell’s Vision

The Roswell Downtown Development Authority launched a second Southern Skillet Site Redevelopment Request For Proposal (RFP) on Wednesday, Oct. 31. The new RFP invites potential developers to submit offers and design concepts for consideration of the historic area.


The new Request For Proposal was presented at the direction of the Roswell City Council in collaboration with the Roswell Downtown Development Authority (DDA). As our commitment to the well-being of Roswell’s culture, residents and historic nature, the recently released RFP is very similar to the one released in 2017 with regard to Roswell’s community desires and objectives, which are defined in a series of “Intent Statements” included in the RFP.

Recent Advancements For Redevelopment Of The Southern Skillet Site As A Catalytic Mixed-Use Property

In the newly released RFP, the DDA has highlighted an emphasis that a grocer or private store is a desirable feature of the mixed-use community, focusing on this and other commercial uses that will make the project catalytic to the surrounding market.

Those who have been monitoring this redevelopment process will recall that the Family Dollar Store had an existing lease that would have potentially caused postponements. That lease has been terminated, and the tenant has vacated the space; therefore, this will not be an encumbrance on a proposed development plan.

Timeline Of Upcoming Site-Related Developments

  • Oct. 31               RFP Issued

  • Nov. 5                 The DDA to Conduct Pre-proposal and Site Meeting: 12 p.m.

  • Nov. 7                 RFP Questions Due at 2 p.m.

  • Nov. 9                 RFP Questions Answered on DDA Website

  • Nov. 14                All RFPs Are Due at 2 p.m.

  • Early Dec.           Anticipated selection date for Finalist

A Commitment To Communication: Stay Up-To-Date

To continue our commitment of transparency in the Roswell Downtown Development Authority’s efforts to support the community vision of the residents of Roswell, we invite you to follow the DDA’s blog and Facebook Page for updates. As part of our commitment, the DDA will be working to communicate, update and engage with City of Roswell residents to keep you up to date in real time and assure your voices are heard concerning local development.