What The Roswell DDA Is Grateful For This Thanksgiving

With a rich history and a promising future, Roswell is a unique place all of us at the DDA are proud and thankful to call home. We can all agree that Roswell is full of opportunity, charm and character. As we approach Thanksgiving, let us explore the top aspects of Roswell we are so grateful for.

A Preservation Of Charm

We’re thankful to live in such an admirable city. Unified and invested citizens can ensure we grow in a way that reflects our unique charm. Every nook and cranny of Roswell has character that’s worth celebrating, and many citizens work determinedly to preserve that history and culture while embracing a vision of growth for the future to uplift our growing and improving community, which are efforts and accomplishments we’re thankful are ubiquitous around the city.


Roswell’s Investment For Tomorrow

Longtime citizens of Roswell know that this city has been a joy to live in for decades, and the city’s community is making sure that it will be that way for generations to come. We’re appreciative of the grassroots groups such as Roswell NEXT, Roswell Historical Society, the Historic Roswell Beautification Project and Friends of Mimosa Hall & Gardens that have been heavily involved and engaged in preserving Roswell’s history and investing in aspiring leaders.

Looking Toward A Better Tomorrow

The community of Roswell is ever-improving, and as developments unfold, we’ll be the first to tell you. Like and follow the Roswell DDA on Facebook and keep up with our blog to stay in the loop.