The RFQ/RFP Process

As we are walking through the RFQ/RFP process - we will be posting information here from time to time to keep everyone informed.   The next step for us is to meet with the Historic Preservation Commission to gather their input on our "Intent Statements" or the criteria that instructs the teams responding to the RFQ/RFP as to our priorities and vision for the property.  This meeting was originally scheduled for this week but, due to some scheduling conflicts, will be rescheduled for early October.  

If you attended the City Council meeting last week - you heard mentioned a letter written to the Mayor and City Council from the DDA.  Here is that letter.  This was written to address the concerns that some members of the Council were having as to when there would be opportunity for input.  We are, and have been, actively engaged in listening to and gathering the opinions of residents and members of the City Council.  In addition, we have met with members of the City Staff to understand the technical and regulatory constraints that exist for this site as well.