What The Roswell Library’s Renovation Means To This City

A Look Into The Extent Of The Library’s Renovation

As a part of the Fulton County Library System, the Roswell Library on Norcross Street closed recently to undergo renovations to modernize the facility while improving its functionality and appeal to Roswell’s citizens and a new generation. These renovations are a part of the Fulton County Library System’s plan to refurbish 23 of its branches.

The Roswell Library’s New Features

Since 1989, the Roswell Library has been an enjoyable, useful and enlightening resource for children, students and adults to utilize. To enhance library-goers’ experience, the Roswell Library will re-open in 2019 with the following new features:

  • New entrance to Norcross Street

  • Larger centralized art/display wall

  • Larger Friends of the Roswell Library space with storage

  • Vending options

  • New classroom/small meeting room

  • Additional meeting room storage space

  • Centralized information desk

  • New quiet room

  • New enclosed study and instruction areas

  • New furniture and seating

  • Flexible seating in the children’s area and activity walls

  • Flexible seating in the teen area with laptop bar

Along with important technology upgrades and improved Wi-Fi, the Roswell Library will also receive exterior improvements such as roof repairs, pressure washing, gutters, exterior paint, brick repairs, and fencing, per the Fulton County Library System.

Paying attention to the ever-popular Summer Reading programs, if the renovation and opening is not complete by the time it kicks off, an alternative location will be made available. 

The Importance Of This Renovation

The renovation is a reflection of Roswell’s ongoing missing to promote education and community. Renovations like this do not happen often and we are grateful that this investment in our downtown library will result in a refreshed facility that will be an asset to the community for decades to come. The Roswell DDA is encouraged by this renovation as it directly aligns with our passion to preserve Roswell’s culture while making improvements to further increase the city’s appeal and viability.

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