Intent Statements for the Southern Skillet

As of December 16, 2016, the DDA received responses to the RFQ (Request for Qualifications) from 10 development teams interested in redeveloping the Southern Skillet.  This is a strong response and we are excited to be at this point in the process!

Each of the teams read through the RFQ before submitting their responses.  One important part of the RFQ are the "Intent Statements."  These statements that define the objectives and parameters for the redevelopment help the development teams decide if they are a match.  These statements were derived with input from citizens through an online survey and two Town Hall meetings, meetings with members of City Council and from input from the Historic Preservation Commission. 


Source: RFQ Southern Skillet


The redevelopment of the Southern Skillet site is viewed by the Roswell DDA as a catalytic project for downtown Roswell, which can help set the pattern for the type of development that will occur in the downtown area over the coming decade.  Accordingly, we have developed the following intent statement to provide interested development partners with how we would like to see the property redeveloped:

General Project

         1.  Project to be catalytic in design and use, contributing to the village scale of downtown.

       2.   Designed to successfully be woven into the fabric that is downtown Roswell.

3.     Respectful of the city’s historical character, scale and materials.

4.    Incorporation of commercial uses is desired for the site. 

5.     A grocery or food market has been ranked highest as a desired use by community.

  • Neighborhood retail, small shops of goods and services would be appropriate.
  • Office space over retail would be a desirable use.

6.     Residential can be considered as a component of a commercially-focused mixed-use project.

7.     Development design should address the pedestrian experience on the street, establishing connection visually and tactilely.

Orientation on Fraser Street

8.     The development should create an intimate, pedestrian scale along the Fraser Street frontage.

9.     Include a street scape that is scaled for pedestrians, including seating, bike accommodation and active storefronts, not blank walls.

10.  Locate active uses abutting the street to slow traffic speeds.

11.  Create a neighborhood feel by providing connectivity to nearby housing.

Alpharetta Highway

12.  Establish a pedestrian friendly street scape on Alpharetta Highway to reinforce a pedestrian scale.

13.  Seek to step back building height from the street to enhance the pedestrian experience.

14.  Incorporate a parking deck to serve both public and private users that is” wrapped” with leasable space or in some way, masked from public view as much as possible.

15.  Consider allowing the parking structure to serve adjacent and nearby activity through pedestrian connectivity.

16.  Consider the opportunity to incorporate adjacent parcels