Next Steps for Southern Skillet/Roswell Plaza

Roswell Plaza, affectionately known locally as the Southern Skillet after a beloved breakfast establishment, was acquired by the City of Roswell in early 2016.  The DDA executed a lease for the property soon after, for the purpose of management and the pursuing redevelopment of the property.  

The DDA has recommended, to the Roswell City Council, certain entitlements that they believe would serve to achieve a superior re-development.  These entitlements would be put in place as a Conditional Use that could be approved by Council following the standard process required by the City.  The City Council is now considering those entitlements and will be conducting neighborhood meetings and presenting it to the Planning Commission, all of which require public notice and will be held at meetings open to the public.  

The DDA recommended these entitlements as a means of providing clear opportunities and constraints to the development community that will be responding during the RFQ/RFP process. The DDA believes that the more clarity that can be provided up front, while leaving room for creativity and innovation, the higher benefit to the City of Roswell and it's citizens in achieving a successful project. 

The DDA is currently working on the Request for Qualifications that will be used to identify development teams that are interested and qualified to be selected for the next step.  Select candidates will then receive a Request for Proposal and put forth a design and development proposal.

The DDA has set up a form on their web page for the Southern Skillet for development teams to indicate their interest.