Getting Excited for the Downtown Footprint
Well said, Andy…

Graphic Credit: Canton Place Development

Graphic Credit: Canton Place Development


by now, many of you have heard…

and/or seen that demolition has begun in the area that encompasses Canton Place Development. This project will bring into Roswell something our community and local economy hasn't seen: a 125-key upper-upscale boutique hotel property. That hotel is from the Marriott Autograph Collection, within the Marriott International portfolio or brands. The hotel will feature a 5,000 sq. ft. ballroom, as well as an additional 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Furthermore, the development will consist not only of additional dining opportunities, but also of boutique retail. Additionally, it brings more parking and 25,000 sq. ft. of functional green space. Visit Roswell is in support of this project 100%. Here's why:

  1. It expands our hotel inventory and heightens our product. Roswell's current 11 hotels are primarily select service. Removing our DoubleTree from the conversation, we have limited markets we're able to aggressively target for group business because we lack flexible meeting space. The 10 remaining hotels are not full-service (this isn't a bad thing, it's a fact), which means corporations and associations - and even social - may look elsewhere because those hotels are not able to offer a full food and beverage, audio-visual, logistically-programmed experience for group business. This limits the type of business demand that we, as well as their sales teams, are able to generate for the city.

  2. New product drives rate and pushes others to reinvest and be better. When new hotels tap into market share, existing hotels have to remain relevant and competitive. Usually this comes in the form of renovations and a more aggressive sales approach. It very well may also result in more collaboration.

  3. Being home to this type of product allows for us to target an audience that's accustomed to staying in upper-upscale to luxury hotels when its makeup travels - whether for business or pleasure. We expect that when the doors open, we'll be able to immediately book both group business, business travelers (BT) and leisure travelers. In fact, our team is already selling the destination for two to three years from now and expects that we can have business on the books well before the ribbon cutting is even held. Simply put, individuals who have never considered staying in or meeting in Roswell will now consider us.

  4. Other brands will take notice. A Marriott Autograph is a very well-respected and followed flag for our community to have secured. We expect this could be a catalyst for other hotel development down the road.

  5. The addition of 25,000 sq. ft. of green space gives us the opportunity to sell space for private events - open air and tented. Additionally, it's space that can be activated and utilized for community events, further adding to Roswell's great quality of life.

  6. We start moving people in different directions, not just up and down Canton Street. This creates new product that, with the addition of Southern Post, moves people both east and west and north and south. We're excited about the added walkability and connectivity.

Our job as tourism marketers is to promote the product we have and to champion the product that is coming online. A boutique hotel (and certainly a Marriott Autograph) is something about which to get truly excited. We look forward to supporting the sales team when those individuals are in place, to hosting meeting planners and travel media within that space, and to adding it to our list of already-amazing assets.

Thank you!

Andy Williams
Executive Director - Visit Roswell
Facebook Post - August 20, 2019