More, More, More! Want more out of Roswell?

We all regularly look at our local storefronts and retailers and consciously or subconsciously form opinions.  Are our retail locations full? What types of tenants are there? Are they transitioning for the better? For the worse?

In the article, “More storefronts, more jobs'“, published by CNU Congress for the New Urbanism and written by Joe Cortright, a study was done on how more storefronts help grow the local economy with new employment opportunities.  

Although studies like this one are helpful and fun ways to look at data, they are also a great stepping point for additional discussions.   

In Downtown Roswell we've seen a transition over the last several years of conventional retail to hospitality which has created additional employment opportunities but also strengthened the property and sales tax base -- and an obvious increase in property tax values.

Jobs and increased economic development activity are good things for the tax base, but what comes next? 

  • Is it transportation initiatives to help get more people here? Help them park? Help them safely choose between alternative forms of transportation? 

  • Is it increased affordable housing stock to allow for these newly created employment opportunities to be filled by locals cutting down on transportation times? 

  • Is it increased residential home ownership opportunities through new or low income qualified programs? 

  • Is it leveraging the area by utilizing a Tax Allocation District or Business Improvement District?  Is it new and continued commercial growth?  

Economic development is challenging and works best when all of the pieces work together and are tied to a Strategic Plan with City and Community buy-in. 

We’re lucky in Roswell to have so many opportunities for both to work together – community meetings, work sessions, charettes, commission and authority meetings, and etc. We even have strong civic organizations like RoswellNEXT, Roswell Historical Society, Together Roswell, Roswell Inc., Roswell Arts Fund and so many more! Whatever is your unique passion that drives you to escalate Roswell forward, get active and support. Comments in social media only go so far.


Michael Curling - DDA Board Director and liaison for financial investments
Elizabeth Hamilton - H2Oh Marketing, DDA Board Support