What We Do

“We work to assure the long-term economic stability of downtown Roswell by maintaining the small town character and village scale of the district and supporting values that ensure Roswell is a great place to live, work, play, invest and do business.” –Monica Hagewood


The primary focus of the DDA is to strengthen Roswell’s central business district while preserving its historic buildings, streetscapes and parks. These goals are facilitated by the pursuit and creation of various programs, both public and private, which encourage redevelopment and growth within the district.

In 2013 the DDA lead the creation of a Downtown Development Plan to serve as a framework for sustainable growth.  With a Downtown Development Plan in-place, Roswell is poised to compete as a viable business district, while retaining its priceless historic culture that is unique to its citizens and local business owners.

The DDA has the capability to buy and sell property, which allows us to fill vacant and unproductive spaces. We collaborate with shareholders and Roswell INC to ensure that the establishments that fill the spaces are optimal for their locations. We are committed to ensuring the future vitality of the City of Roswell for generations to come.

DDA’s Responsibilities

  • Pursue catalytic economic opportunities;
  • Create recurring income streams to support the board’s initiatives;
  • Establish private/public partnerships to stimulate economic development;
  • Be able to advise developers on other redeveloping efforts within the DDA’s boundaries;
  • Issue bonds to finance development projects;
  • Collaborate with Roswell INC to strengthen the core business district.

From Concept to Commerce

Roswell is experiencing unparalleled economic growth. The residential housing market is flooded with new development and an increase in home sales.  In addition, Roswell is attracting new businesses to the area and existing independent local businesses are thriving.

Much of this growth can be attributed to the increased vibrancy along Canton Street, which has seen an increase in business activity and has garnered national press for its cultural renaissance.  The DDA is focused to accommodate growth while retaining the distinct character and small town candor of Roswell.

Define and Execute Catalyst Opportunities

With unique capabilities and a unified force dedicated to a common vision, the DDA is approved by the City of Roswell to pursue those projects which will best promote healthy redevelopment. Additionally, the DDA collaborates with its stakeholders and partners closely with the RBA to achieve optimum economic development.

Experience & Influence + Tangible Tools = Turning Vision into Reality

An imperative objective of the DDA is to enhance and maintain the vitality of the central business district not only by paving the way for new growth, but by monitoring existing infrastructure.  As new needs within the city arise the DDA will work to re-align the objectives of the Downtown Development Plan to meet those new needs.

The DDA aims to create an open dialog between the city, local business owners and citizens for innovative ideas that will strengthen Roswell’s core business district.  The DDA welcomes new concepts to incorporate into the vision that is rooted in Roswell’s rich history, protecting its dignity and providing for the needs of future generations as the city grows and thrives.