The Southern Segment is a key corridor as it plays a major role in connecting the two vibrant areas of City Hall and Roswell’s Historic Square.   Below are a few projects that have been identified for the Southern Segment.


Southern Segment

  • The Downtown Development Plan proposes a new streetscape design that would allow pedestrians and cyclists to easily travel and access businesses and new residential developments along Atlanta Street, one of Roswell’s major thoroughfares.  Broad, tree-lined inviting sidewalks would be lined with shops, restaurants and small businesses.
  • In addition, the Southern Segment provides for several non-invasive parking deck solutions to meet the increased parking need within the central business district.  Parking decks wrapped with residential, office and retail spaces would keep the streetscapes warm and inviting.
  • Also identified is an opportunity to remove the existing overhead wires through consolidation, underground conduits and utility alleyways.  While this will be an expensive endeavor – it will never be less expensive than during the redevelopment of this corridor in the Southern Segment.
  • Enhanced pedestrian access is another essential project proposed for the Southern Segment.  By installing new signaled cross-streets to Mimosa at Oak Street and at Oxbo Road, pedestrians and local residents can easily travel east to west off of the main thoroughfare.