The Downtown Development Plan is a collaborative communication tool to ensure that Roswell’s downtown grows in a way that enhances the pedestrian scale, cultivates an economically vibrant center and retains the village fabric that is uniquely Roswell.

The Downtown Development Plan is a collaborative effort between the DDA, Lew Oliver of Whole Town Solutions, Alex Paulson of Randall-Paulson ArchitectsRoswell’s Transportation DepartmentRoswell’s Community Development Department and renowned urban planners and local architects with vested interest in the area.  To provide for long-term success, the DDA has aligned the plan with the City of Roswell’s Strategic Economic Development Plan and the objectives set forth by Roswell INC. It is the belief that the areas’ central redevelopment will serve as a catalytic economic opportunity to ignite growth in the surrounding areas.

The DDA is responsible for encouraging and facilitating the long-term success of Roswell’s central business district, as executed through the Downtown Development Plan and defined in the boundaries set forth by the City of Roswell.

What the Plan is:

  • A visual direction tool
  • A visioning tool
  • A feasibility assessment tool

What the Plan is not:

  • Not a zoning plan or construction document
  • Not a plan to be put on the shelf
  • Does not tell a private property owner what to do

What the Plan can be:

A collaborative communication tool used to ensure Roswell’s downtown grows in a way that

  • Enhances the pedestrian scale
  • Cultivates an economically vibrant center
  • Retains the village fabric that is uniquely Roswell

A Collaborative Effort

A team comprised of the DDA, Roswell’s Transportation Department, Community Development Department, local architects and renowned town planners and local architects with a vested interest in Roswell thoroughly evaluated the current conditions of Roswell’s central business district. Various studies and plans were assimilated, including but not limited to transportation models, economic modeling and topography studies.

The work accomplished here spans design spectrum and combines intimate knowledge of the best practices in town planning.  Therefore, with a mission for Roswell to be the premier riverside community connecting strong neighborhoods and the entrepreneurial spirit, the DDA invites you to explore a vision for Roswell’s future.

Where we are Going

  • Moving with pace and purpose to strengthen the village fabric that is uniquely Roswell;
  • Dedicating appropriate resources to further efforts and achieve goals;
  • Maintaining an open dialog for innovative ideas that will strengthen Roswell’s core business district;
  • Protecting Roswell’s dignity to provide for the needs of future generations.