City Green

The criteria for DDA projects is that it enhances the pedestrian scale, cultivates an economically vibrant center and retains the village fabric that is uniquely Roswell.  City Green is a project that has been thoroughly vetted by the DDA as an economic catalytic project to ignite growth in Roswell Historic Corridor.  Today Roswell is experiencing a momentum of growth, this coupled with positive external market factors and a cohesive vision for the future of Roswell make this a ripe time for redevelopment in Roswell.

Here is the presentation that the DDA shared with City Council in January 2014.  The plan has changed somewhat since then - but the concept and idea, the investment for the future, remains a project that is important for the people of Roswell.



City Green Gallery:

Imagine what the City Green could be

Inspirational video of images demonstrating what City Green could be.

Key Points

Today, the area we know as the back of City Hall is a passive forest of trees… Over the next year, it could become…