The heart of Roswell lies in Roswell’s little five points.  The DDA has identified this Central Segment redevelopment as the catalyst for future redevelopment and growth within the downtown business district.

Central Segment

  • The proposed plan focuses on a vibrant and energized central green, “City Green” that fronts City Hall, connecting it to the pedestrian delight that is Canton Street.  Not only would the City Green serve as a centerpiece joining City Hall to the heartbeat of the business district, but it would also provide connection to the Historic Square, south along Atlanta Street.  An expansive lawn with outdoor seating areas, an interactive water feature and lush natural vegetation are all elements of the design.  In addition, the establishment of City Green would also provide the thriving business district along Canton Street with immediate access to the existing 400-surface parking spaces at City Hall.
  • Long a jewel in Roswell’s community, the War Memorial would be relocated immediately to the north.  Here the natural terrain offers a wonderful opportunity to create an outdoor amphitheater to accommodate the community for events, holidays and services through out the year, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
  • One project proposed long-term for the Central Segment is the development of a shared workspace at the south end of City Hall.  The shared workspace would meet the demands of the small business entrepreneur, which is the genetic makeup of Roswell’s small business majority.  A shared workspace would highlight the creative class, promoting the free exchange of ideas and collaboration.  In addition, this workspace would provide a sustained attraction to new businesses locating permanently in Roswell as they are established.